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My Supervision Approach

My Supervisor Journey

My Supervisor journey began when I was working as the Assistant Director of the Hofstra University Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic in 2008.   I began supervising the clinical groups and the interns running those groups.  Think old school with one-way mirrors, camcorders, live supervision, even Reflecting Team and co-therapy with supervisees.  After urging from my supervisor and some supervisees, I decided to pursue my AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation, which I was granted in 2011.   The AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation requires a 30-hour Supervision course, 180 hours of supervision under mentorship with at least two supervisees, and 36 hours of supervision of the supervisor with another AAMFT Approved Supervisor.  The AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation is one of the only Supervisor designations that requires this level of training and supervision of the supervisor.  

From 2011 and beyond, I supervised a variety of individual supervisees and provided Supervision of the Supervisor for those pursuing the AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation.  In 2014 I became an AASECT Certification Sex Therapist.   In 2017, a variety of supervisees really encouraged me to pursue my AASECT Sex Therapy Supervisor Certification which was granted in 2020.  

Much of my continuing education focuses on expanding and evaluating and growing my skill as a Supervisor.   Every two years, I need to complete 2 CEUs in Supervision to maintain my Supervisor status with the State of Texas. Every five years, I need to complete a 6-hour AAMFT Approved Supervisor Refresher Course to maintain my AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation.  Additionally, I usually take more than that because I feel very commited to being the best supervisor I can be for my supervisees. 

My Supervision Approach

I base my Supervision approach on the following basic principles of Supervision: 




















My approach to supervision is feminist and collaborative.  Since we are both licensed and established professionals, I strive to create a respectful and safe environment in our supervision sessions and groups that are based on equality in our supervisory relationship.  I recognize there is a hierarchy within our supervisory relationship on just the nature of our supervisor/supervisee dynamic and also a dynamic of power, specifically around experience, supervisor status, and financial compensation for services and also could include (but not limited to) race, economic status, professional reputation, time in the field, location, relationship status, disability status, gender, and sexual orientation.   I will attempt to address these aspects of power in our Supervisory relationship as well as help you address these issues of power and hierarchy within the clinical context of your clients.


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My Areas of Expertise

Models of Therapy

Models of Supervision

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